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November 18th 2021 | 09:00pm



Farsa is the new album by Silvia Pérez Cruz. In her recordings, Silvia alternates albums of her own compositions with others that are works of recreation and interpretation, in which she produces new versions of other musicians’ creations.

This is an album that she created from conversations with other artistic disciplines, such as theatre, cinema, dance, poetry, painting or animation films. Recorded between 2019 and 2020, Farsa (género imposible) responds to the artist’s concern with the duality of what is shown and what we really are, how the inner fragility of the intimate survives in these times in which the superficial is so devastating that what you see can be confused with what you hear.

To illustrate this search and to further explore these concerns, she created the FARSA CIRCUS BAND – composed of leading musicians from her generation, whom she now re-encounters after many years spent following her own research paths and pursuing her love of music.