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Small Auditorium
60 min.
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Dates / Schedules

November 18th, 19th and 20th 2021 09:00pm

November 21st 2021 04:00pm



Inspired by folk tales, Giambattista Basile has created a fascinating and sophisticated world by using the Neapolitan dialect, popular proverbs and slang, resorting explicitly to the commedia dell’arte and forms of dialogue inspired by Shakespeare.

La Scortecata tells the story of a king besotted with the voice of an old woman who lives in a cottage with her sister. Deceived by the finger that is shown to him through the keyhole, the king invites her to sleep with him. But, after the act is consummated and he realises that he has been tricked, he throws the old woman out of the window. She does not die and is left hanging in a tree. A fairy appears and casts a spell, transforming her into a beautiful woman, and the king marries her.