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55 min.
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November 13th, 14th & 15th 2021 07:00pm



The Dutch choreographer Cherish Menzo was inspired by the Video Vixen, the female model that appeared in the hip hop video clips of the late 1990s and the early 2000s, and which formed the basis for the creation of Jezebel. Known as hip hop honeys or video girls, the Vixens were also labelled Jezebels, in an allusion to the idea of a hyper-sensual and submissive woman.

Before YouTube, when MTV still dictated musical trends, the Video Vixen played a central role in music videos. Despite the explicit lyrics, normally written by men, and her seductive and sensual appearance, the Vixen had a major influence on the image of these videos – and on the popularity of the male artists that they displayed.
Over the past twenty years, the image of the Video Vixen has both suffered and benefited from this reputation: today she is no longer restricted to the culture that makes her the blind follower of male domination. The Jezebel figure now rejects such definitions, having established herself so firmly in the world of hip hop that she can claim the right to her own image and identity. Will she be capable of deconstructing this controversial stereotype associated with hip hop? How will this woman be redefined today?

This performance forms part of the Alkantara Festival.