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Main Auditorium
85 minutos
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Dates / Schedules

18 and 19 february 2021 07:00pm



In Kind, we enter a distant and out of joint universe littered by somber fairy tales and magic. We find ourselves in a somber forest at the foot of menacing cliffs, a world that precedes good and evil, in which no limits have been set yet. With infantile tics and gestures, a girl who is far too large riding a bike that is far too small for her leads us into her universe on the fraying borders of the unconscious. A state where the earth speaks, where children grow on trees, and where strange events spark curiosity rather than alarming anyone.

After Vader (2014) and Moeder (2016), Kind is the third part of Peeping Tom’s family trilogy that explores the themes or memory, recollections, and the tragic search for links. In Kind, Gabriela Carrizo and Franck Chartier explore the sources of psychosis from the point of view of the child.

The piece delves into themes such as violence, the paradox between the real and the fake, the other, trauma, all from the question on identity. To a large extent, the environment we grow up in and the people who surround us determine the person we become. The same holds in Kind. The child reflects her environment, but she also resists it – precisely in order to be able to establish her own identity. In this duality, Kind questions the perverse aspects of identity formation.



Overs 6s

Data sheet

Conception and direction Gabriela Carrizo, Franck Chartier
Creationa and performance Eurudike De Beul, Marie Gyselbrecht, HunMok Jung,
Brandon Lagaert, Yi-chun Liu, Maria Carolina Vieira
Artistic assistence Lulu Tikovsky
Sound composition Raphaëlle Latini, Hjorvar Rognvaldsson, Renaud Crols, Annalena Fröhlich, Fhun Gao, Peeping Tom
Sound mix Yannick Willockx, Peeping Tom
Light design Amber Vandenhoeck, Sinan Poffyn (estágio), Peeping Tom
Costumes Lulu Tikovsky, Yi-­chun Liu, Nina Lopez Le Galliard (estágio), Peeping Tom
Scenario Justine Bougerol, Peeping Tom
Scenario construction KVSatelier, Flora Facto, Peeping Tom
Props Nina Lopez Le Galliard (estagiária), Silvio Palomo (estagiário)


Technical direction Filip Timmerman
Light technician Hadrien Lefaure
Sound technician Hjorvar Rognvaldsson
Tour production Lulu Tikovsky
Production direction An Van der Donckt
Comunication direction Sébastien Parizel
Company direction Veerle Mans

Production Peeping Tom

Production partnerships KVS – Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg (Bruxelas), Teatre Nacional de Catalunya/Grec Festival de Barcelona, Theater im Pfalzbau (Ludwigshafen)

Coproduction Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg, deSingel (Antuérpia), Théâtre de la Ville Paris/Maison des Arts de Créteil, Maison de la Culture de Bourges, Festival Aperto/Fondazione I Teatri (Reggio Emilia), La Rose des Vents (Villeneuve d’Ascq), Théâtre de Caen, Gessnerallee Zurich, Julidans Amsterdam, La Bâtie – Festival de Genève, Le Manège (Maubeuge)

With the support of Flemish authorities
Distribution Frans Brood Productions

Kind was created with the support of Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government

Aknowledgements Heloïse da Costa, Theater FroeFroe, Institut del Teatre, Jan Daems, Leen Mertens, Uma Victoria Chartier, Ina Peeters e a todos os extras: Farners, Eva, Elmo, Vera, Roger, Raisa, Mercè, Xefo, Amadeo, Rita, Gloria, Ariadne, Jonah, Sille, Leandro, Flo, Grace, Luke, Lucie, Cyril, Jill, Jan, An, Octavia, Germaine

CCB/Centro Cultural Vila Flor

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