Birthday parties at the CCB | Sand Horse

Fábrica das Artes | Educational Project


A beautiful horse appears on the beach... 

It comes to life... and is transformed into a white horse of the sea...
For children aged from 4 to 10 

The children will be taken to a beach where, captivated by the noise of the sea and with the deep blue horizon in the background, they will get to know an artist and his wife, who live in a house by the cliff.

On this early morning, the artist goes to the beach and, all day long until the sun sets, he spends his time building a beautiful sand horse. When the beach is deserted and clear of people, the horse opens an eye and comes to life. On hearing voices, it realises that it is being called to by the white horses galloping over the waves of the sea. A storm breaks and the ever larger waves end up coming to search for him. The sand horse is transformed into a white horse of the sea and gallops away with his companions across the waves and into the horizon.

After hearing the story, the children will invade the beach, and, with the help of shells, stones, water, the sounds of horses, seagulls and storms, they will retell the tale through a landscape of sound. They will be able to choose an animal found on the beach, discover its movements through games and shadows and transform it into a sculpture. It is in the midst of this museum of aquatic artists that we will hold the party of someone who has grown up and thus been transformed.

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