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BoCA - Biennial of Contemporary Arts


Fatamorgana is the first work created for the stage by the film director Salomé Lamas, the resident artist of the contemporary arts biennial BoCA. It is a political parody, in which, without knowing exactly how she got there, a woman suddenly finds herself in a wax museum, after closing time, surrounded by historical figures. Just like Molly Bloom, and the more virtuous Penelope, Haman is waiting for her husband. She seems to have arranged a date to meet him there. But he doesn’t arrive. Where can he be? Time is passing.

Concept and artistic direction by Salomé Lamas

Text Isabel Ramos e Salomé Lamas
Production BoCA - Biennial of Contemporary Arts
Support Mara.tein, Ashkal Alwan, CNAP Centre National de Arts Plastiques

Coproduction | Centro Cultural de Belém | Les Films du Bal, Theatro Circo

12 and 13 april 2017 | 09:00PM

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