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Almada Festival

Cinéma Apollo


Portuguese Sub-titles

Basing themselves loosely upon Alberto Moravia’s famous novel, Contempt, which gave rise to Jean-Luc Godard’s unforgettable film, Le Mépris (1963), Matthias Langhoff and Michel Deutsch wrote a kind of epilogue to the tragic relationship between Riccardo and his beautiful wife. In a small cinema in Novara, a city lost in the middle of Italy, Il ritorno di Ulisse is screened for the last time. This was the film during the shooting of which the scriptwriter Riccardo lost his wife to the hands of a rich American producer – and, simultaneously, to death. The show, directed by Gaspar Langhoff and Matthias Langhoff, will be presented at the Centro Cultural de Belém as part of the Almada Festival.

Théâtre de vidy | Lausanne
Michel Deutsch and Matthias Langhoff

Caspar Langhoff, Matthias Langhoff staging
Christophe Kehrli , Evelyne Didi, François Chattot, Nicole Mersey, Philippe Puglierini , Pascal Tokatlian interpreters
Emily Barbelin staging of assistance
Arthur Besson original music                         
Catherine Rankl, Luz Mattias Bovard, Caspar Langhoff set design and costumes
Denis Hartmann Frédéric Morier, Samaël Steiner sound
Mathieu Dorsaz props

Co-production | CCB|Festival  de Almada


17 july 2015 | 09:00PM

2 hours 50 mins with an interval
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