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Monteverdi festival

Vespers of the Blessed Virgin

Ludovice Ensemble

Ludovice Ensemble ©Tomás Monteiro

2017 will be marked by the celebrations of the 450th anniversary of the birth of one of the most important figures in the History of Music: Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643). Considered the father of Opera, his L’Orfeo, from 1607, was the first work to bring together all the basic ingredients of opera in a consistent form. The first lyrical dramas of Monteverdi were created for the Court of Mantua, but his later masterpieces were already destined for audiences in Venice, where he caused one of the greatest masterpieces of all time to be sung: The Vespers of the Blessed Virgin. The CCB will be commemorating this genius from the history of music with a weekend of concerts.

The Vespers of the Blessed Virgin, which were published by Monteverdi in 1610 are not only his most famous and emblematic sacred composition, but also one of the most paradigmatic works in the history of western music. They were written at a time of radical change in the composer’s professional trajectory, when he was appointed Maestro di Capella at St. Mark’s Basilica, in Venice. The Vespers are regarded as one of the great monuments of the Catholic Counter Reformation, marvellously inaugurating the Baroque period and substituting medieval and Renaissance practices (prima prattica) with a radically new way of conceiving music (seconda prattica). The innovation of these proposals stands out even more because of the contrast deliberately established with the venerable techniques inherited from the past, which Monteverdi raised to a completely new level. The collection, which is truly kaleidoscopic in its range of emotions, vocal and instrumental effects, its writing techniques and expressive resources, will always be an insurmountable milestone in European culture.

Claudio Monteverdi The Vespers of the Blessed Virgin

Ludovice Ensemble
Fernando Miguel Jalôto organ and musical direction

María Hinojosa Montenegro and Eduarda Melo sopranos
André Lacerda and Rui Aleixo altos
Fernando Guimarães, Jan Van Elsacker, João Rodrigues and João Custódio tenors
Hugo Oliveira and Tiago Mota basses

Josep Maria Martí Durán and Manuel Minguillón theorbos
Rodrigo Calveyra, Tiago Simas Freire and Manuel Pascual horns
Keal Couper, Hélder Rodrigues and António Santos sackbuts
Joana Amorim and Pedro Lopes e Castro flutes and fifes
Lilia Slavny and Sara de Corso violins
Miriam Macaia, Raquel Massadas and César Nogueira violas
Diana Vinagre cello
Marta Vicente violone

Production | CCB

14 September 2017 | 09:00PM

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