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Mísia and the Poets

Fado on the Waterfront


Along the long path that Fado has been following towards modernity, Mísia stands like a shining beacon. After the guiding figure of Amália, and before the present time of new postures and voices, Mísia offered a different perspective on this culture that she has never ceased to respect and explore for the past 25 years. The fado singer now presents us with a new show, grasping hold of the rich repertoire of traditional fado and adorning it with poems written for her voice by some of the most important contemporary poets and writers, such as Agustina Bessa-Luís, Vasco Graça Moura, Lídia Jorge, Hélia Correia, Mário Cláudio, José Luís Peixoto, Paulo José Miranda and José Saramago.

Coproduction | CCB | Egeac | Museu do Fado

19 may 2017 | 09:00PM

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