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Portuguese Symphony Orchestra

Cherubini | Tinoco | Mendelssohn

Filipe Quaresma

In 1829, Mendelssohn visited Scotland and wrote: “In darkening twilight today, we went to the Palace of Holyrood where Queen Mary lived and loved. The chapel has lost is roof and is overgrown with grass and ivy, and at that broken altar Mary was crowned Queen of Scotland. Everything there is ruined, decayed and open to the clear sky. I believe that I have found there today the beginning of my Scottish Symphony.” Besides offering us Mendelssohn and the overture of Cherubini’s comic opera L’hôtellerie portugaise, this concert marks the beginning of Luís Tinoco’s residency with the world première of his Concerto for Cello.

Luigi Cherubini Overture of L‘hôtellerie portugaise
Luís Tinoco Concerto for cello and orchestra (world première)
Felix Mendelssohn Symphony No. 3 in A minor, Op. 56

Filipe Quaresma Cello
Pedro Neves Conductor
Portuguese Symphony Orchestra

Coproduction | CCB | OPART

19 february 2017 | 05:00PM

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