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Carte blanche a Mário Laginha

© Flávio Pereira

© Flávio Pereira

 Being given carte blanche is always a stimulating challenge. Stimulating, and, above all, exciting. It also represents an opportunity for us to give actual substance to the ideas that we may have for less conventional and perhaps even improbable projects.

My wish was to bring together some of the musicians with whom, over the years, I have had the enormous pleasure and good fortune to play, and to join them in displaying my great passion for African music. I think it would be hard to find better company. Julian Argüelles, on saxophones, Helge Norbakken on percussion, Alexandre Frazão on drums, Bernardo Moreira on double-bass, Tcheca on guitar and vocals, and me on piano and composition. For me, this is a dream group – a group of musicians from five different countries, who will be paying tribute to the universal nature of music. I can hardly wait for 6 October.

                                                                                                  Mário Laginha

Production | CCB

6 october 2016 | 09:00PM
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