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Red Trio


RED TRIO is composed of Rodrigo Pinheiro (piano), Hernâni Faustino (double bass) and Gabriel Ferrandini (drums), all of whom are leading figures in the new generation of musicians from the Portuguese world of free improvisation. Having started out as a classic piano trio, RED Trio has moved away from this paradigm by placing all the instruments of which it is composed at the same level.
It was this trio’s musical discourse that contributed to its sudden rise: their first album, which had the same name as the group, dates from 2010, and earned them world recognition. In 2011, they released Empire, in collaboration with John Butcher, and a year later they released Stem, with Nate Wooley. Rebento (2013) marked a return to the basic trio format, without any guest performers. This was followed by North and the Red Stream (2014), with Mattias Ståhl, Mineral (2014), with Piotr Damasiewicz and Gerard Lebik, and their latest album Live in Munich, which was released this year.
Today, RED TRIO are considered one of standard bearers of free improvisation in Portugal and one of the spearheads in the promotion of Portuguese music abroad.

Rodrigo Pinheiro piano
Hernâni Faustino bass
Gabriel Ferrandini drums

Production | CCB


17 october 2015 | 09:00pm

75 min
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