DJ set - Cláudia Duarte

She has already been Miss Boopsie Cola, Dona de Casa aos Pratos, going from one programme to another on the Coimbra University Radio, and opening the doors to Casa Cláudia on the Radar radio station. But, above all, she is, and has always been, passionate about sharing the songs that never leave her head. With her heart populated by guitars but with her feet pulling her towards the dance floor, she is raw, honest and fervent. Her DJ sets include new wave, trash, electro, indietronics, rock’n’roll, disco, notdisco, punk, funk, riot grrl, popmuzik, etc. Because it all makes sense when played under a mirror ball, or outdoors on a delightful evening.

30 august 2020 | 06:00pm
CCB Plaza
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