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Portuguese Symphony Orchestra

Maestrina Joana Carneiro

Maestrina Joana Carneiro ©Bruno Simão

Joana Carneiro revisits Gustav Mahler, a composer whose work she has conducted with irrepressible passion ever since the early days of her career. His Symphony No. 9, written after the death of his daughter in 1907, is a desperate plunge into the abyss and Mahler worked on it until his death (its sorrowful Adagio was already considered to be his farewell to the world).

The work has simultaneously worried and fascinated humanity: Berg saw in it the expression of an extraordinary love for nature and for the earth; von Karajan called it a work that comes from eternity; Bernstein spoke of terror and disintegration.


musical direction Joana Carneiro

Gustav Mahler (1860-1911) Sinfonia n.º 9


Coproduction | CCB/São Carlos

3 november 2019 |05:00pm
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