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Dvořák Quintets Op. 77 and Op. 81: the Bohemian Soul

Filipe Pinto Ribeiro ©Rita Carmo

Filipe Pinto Ribeiro ©Rita Carmo

The DSCH – Shostakovich Ensemble dedicates this concert to one of the greatest nineteenth-century composers from the world of musical Romanticism, Antonín Dvořák. Born in Bohemia, Dvořák composed music that had its own powerful identity, with its roots in the popular music of his homeland. The String Quintet Op. 77 was perhaps the first sign of Dvořák’s abandonment of the influence of Wagner and the German romantic composers and demonstrated his clear assumption of the Czech national inspiration, under the musical and political influence of Smetana. It was premièred on 18 March 1875 (145 years before this concert at the CCB) and is dedicated “To My Nation”. The Piano Quintet Op. 81 is the “jewel in the crown” of Dvořák’s chamber music and one of the most significant works in all of his creative legacy. To the perfection of form Dvořák adds a profoundly nationalist inspiration with the use of the dumka, furiant and several other rhythmic forms from Bohemia. At the time of its première, on 6 January, 1888, the Piano Quintet Op. 81 was an instant success, continuing to be extremely popular up to the present day.

For this concert at the CCB, the pianist Filipe Pinto-Ribeiro, the founder and artistic director of the DSCH – Shostakovich Ensemble, has invited a range of excellent musicians to take part, including violinists Jack Liebeck and Alexandra Raikhlina, viola player Philip Dukes, cello player Kyril Zlotnikov and double-bass player Tiago Pinto-Ribeiro.


DSCH – Schostakovich Ensemble
Piano and artistic direction Filipe Pinto-Ribeiro
Violin Jack Liebeck
Violin Alexandra Raikhlina
Viola Philip Dukes
cello Kyril Zlotnikov
Contrabass Tiago Pinto-Ribeiro

I Parte
Antonín Dvořák Quinteto op. 77, para 2 Violinos, Viola, Violoncelo e Contrabaixo
II Parte
Antonín Dvořák Quinteto op. 81, para Piano, 2 Violinos, Viola, Violoncelo

Production | CCB

4 june 2020 | 09:00PM | NEW DATE
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