Symphony - Metropolitana


At least once in our lives, we should all listen to one of the works that gather on this last symphonic program of the present season of Metropolitana. Knowing that these are three artistic monuments with which we rarely come across, the invitation becomes absolutely irrefutable. They share a common characteristic among themselves, the blatant (and fruitful) relationship with extramusical narratives – myths, words, thought. Firstly, in 1888, Richard Strauss was inspired by Don Juan’s charisma to compose the symphonic poem which launched his career. The fragmentation of the different instrumental cores results in orchestral textures that contribute a lot to its spectacularity. Later, in 1901 and 1902, Gustav Mahler composed five songs about poems by Friedrich Rückert that meditate about the genesis of artistic creation, nature and love. Finally, we jump to the end of the sixties, to a time when Luciano Berio looked, through music, to amplify the semantic power of language. In his masterpiece, Symphony, he evokes the structural anthropology of Claude Lévi-Strauss, the martyr figure of Martin Luther King, and even the Symphony n.2 by Mahler, Ressurection.

Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa
Mezzo-soprano Anne Schwanewilms

Choir soloists Voces Caelestes
Sopranos Mariana Moldão, Verónica Milagres da Silva
Mezzo-sopranos Joana Nascimento, Rita Tavares
Tenors Gerson Coelho, Sérgio Fontão
Bass Pedro Casanova, Rui Bôrras
Musical director Pedro Amaral
Richard Strauss Don Juan, op. 20
Gustav Mahler Rückert-Lieder
Luciano Berio Symphony


Production | Metropolitana

21 june 2020 | 05:00PM
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