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New Year’s Concert


There are a thousand and one ways to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. These include fancy dress, hugs and kisses, traditions and superstitions, taking stock, dreams, eating special delicacies, and fireworks… and, of course, music – lots of music, because you can’t have a real party without it. In this way, the New Year’s Concert of the Lisbon Metropolitana Orchestra invites us to saunter through the spirited and lively polkas and waltzes of the Strauss family, introduced on this occasion by a fantastic orchestral overture by Stanisław Moniuszko and seasoned by the melodic charm and sophisticated wit of Gioachino Rossini. The good humour and talent of the conductor Sebastian Perłowski and the musicians of the Lisbon Metropolitana Orchestra guarantee what is most important: a revitalising breath of fresh air to face the next 366 days with optimism.

Sebastian Perłowski

S. Moniuszko Conto de Inverno, Abertura-Fantasia
Josef Strauss Polca rápida Voando, Op. 230
J. Strauss II Valsa Rosas do Sul, Op. 388
G. Rossini Abertura da ópera A italiana em Argel
J. Strauss II Marcha persa, Op. 289
J. Strauss II Polca rápida Sangue ligeiro, Op. 319
J. Strauss II Abertura da Opereta O Morcego, Op. 367
J. Strauss II Polca rápida Comboio do prazer, Op. 281
J. Strauss II Valsa Imperador, Op. 437
J. Strauss II / Josef Strauss Polca Pizzicato
J. Strauss II Polca rápida Tique-taque, Op. 365
J. Strauss II Polca-Furioso, Op. 260
J. Strauss II Polca Tritsch-Tratsch, Op. 214


Coproduction | CCB | Metropolitana

1 january 2019 | 11:30AM and 05:00PM
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