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Portuguese Symphony Orchestra

Alexander Joel

Alexander Joel

This is perhaps one of the most moving musical cycles since the beginning of the twenty-first century, a genuine challenge, even for singers with the experience of the Spanish María José Montiel, who we will hear at this concert performed by the Portuguese Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Joana Carneiro.
In fact, for Neruda Songs, Peter Lieberson chose five of the 100 Love Sonnets (1960) written by Pablo Neruda, adapting them for the extraordinary vocal and dramatic talents of his wife, the mezzo soprano Lorraine Hunt Lieberson. The Songs are marked by his intimate awareness of Lorraine’s personal and artistic vitality, as well as the frailty of her health (she was to die of breast cancer, in 2006, a year after this work was premièred). We are invited to share in the intimacy of these love songs, which sound as if they were a farewell, guided by the touching generosity of both this composer and this singer. While the poems speak to us of the death of a loved one and the fear of loss, the predominant musical tone of this cycle is not one of tragedy, but tenderness.
To complete this concert and, to a certain extent, to lighten the emotional impact left by Neruda Songs, we will listen to Richard Strauss’ brilliant The Knight of the Rose, a suite taken from the composer’s opera with the same name.

Filipe Pires (1934-2015) The Abandoned Sounds
Peter Lieberson (1946-2011) Songs of Neruda
Richard Strauss (1864-1949) Suite of The Knight of the Rose

Portuguese Symphony Orchestra
Alexander Joel musical direction
María José Montiel half-soprano

Coproduction | CCB | OPART

13 may 2018 | 05:00PM

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