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The Complete Chamber Music of Joly Braga Santos


The third in a series of concerts at the CCB in which the complete chamber music of Joly Braga Santos will be performed. Born in Lisbon, in 1924, his love of music was so great that his father was already taking him to concerts and the opera at the age of two. He was the most talented pupil of Luís de Freitas Branco, from whom he inherited the palette of colours offered by his orchestrations. During his youth, the world war prevented him from making closer contact with the European musical culture, so that he found his inspiration in the Portuguese tradition, especially in the work of his master.
Joly Braga Santos’ music can be regarded as a fusion of various European styles. In his own words: “I have always understood that I had to create my own style and that my music should be the result of that creation.” According to the musicologist João de Freitas Branco, the author of the great work of reference about the history of Portuguese music, “he is the reverse of the artist who addresses himself solely to privileged minorities. He wanted many people to come and enjoy his art.” Considered by UNESCO to be one of the ten best composers of contemporary music of that time, Joly Braga Santos said of himself: “I do not consider myself to be a composer, but instead an inventor of music.”

Ensembles with strings and piano
Olga Prats, Leonor Braga Santos, Irene Lima, Luís Pacheco Cunha, Maria José Laginha, Isabel Pimentel, Catherine Strynckx
Joly Braga Santos
Theme and Variations, op 12
Nocturno, op. 1
Aria I, op. 2
Aria II, op. 57
String sextet, op. 65

Production | CCB



5 april 2018 | 07:00PM

Luís de Freitas Branco Room
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