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Jibóia©Vera Marmelo

Jibóia©Vera Marmelo

Undergoing a complete metamorphosis from 8bit to the sonic detail of dub, from Arabic algorithms to Indian aromas, from the triple rhythms of the African tropics to their own Latin expressions, Jibóia have changed their skin as many times as is physically possible for an earthly reptile, and, in 2016, they arrived at their greatest and best shape yet, with the release of Masala, their blackest, most languid and most enigmatic recording to date.
Their concert at the CCBeat will be a turning point in this project’s career, invoking the past and revisiting some key themes from all of the band’s previous metamorphoses, with the help of some special guests, and, at the same time, looking to the future, it will present the most recent line-up of Jibóia – in which Óscar Silva is joined by Ricardo Martins and Mestre André (O Morto, Älforjs), with whom he spent some time in an artistic residency, in May this year, composing the new album.

Production | CCB

30 september 2017 | 09:00PM

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