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Tristão e Isolda

Richard Wagner (1813-1883) | Libreto Richard Wagner

©Charles Edwards

©Charles Edwards

Come to the opera on 9 March and dine at the Wagner restaurant (opera + buffet dinner)

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Richard Wagner did not escape the enormous impact that the rediscovery of medieval Germanic poetry had on the nineteenth-century German romantics. Inspired by the love of Mathilde Wesendonck and the philosophy of Arthur Schoppenhauer, he completed the score of Tristan und Isolde in 1859, but had to wait until 1865 before the work was given its première in Munich, since, before then, the Opera of the Court of Vienna had considered it impossible to perform. The Celtic legend that narrates the tragic love of Tristan, the hero emerging from the Cornish mist, and the Irish princess Isolda – told and retold in countless versions with never-ending variations – finds in Wagner’s sound drama the most transcendent and symbolic incarnation of love. Its melodic structure, taken to the limits of the musical tradition with its bold and innovative harmonies, foreshadowed the most important period in the history of modern music.

Tristan Erin Caves
Isolde Elisabete Matos
König Marke Brindley Sherratt
Kurwenal Luís Rodrigues
Brangäne Catherine Carby

Stage Direction and Set Design Charles Edwards
Lighting Design Giuseppe Di Iorio

Musical Direction Graeme Jenkins
Principal conductor Giovanni Andreoli
Principal conductor Joana Carneiro

Coproduction | CCB | OPART

9 march 2017 | 06:00PM
12 march 2017 | 03:00PM

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