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Nós pensamos todos em nós (We all think of ourselves)

Documentary by Graça Castanheira with Madalena Wallenstein

In 2015, the seventh year in the life of Fábrica das Artes at the CCB, the programming of events proposed revisiting some of those creations commissioned from Portuguese creators that had had the greatest impact.
In this documentary directed by Graça Castanheira, with the help of Madalena Wallenstein, recordings were made of different aspects of the various events programmed by Fábrica das Artes during the course of that year. By filming the shows, as well as conversations with artists, thinkers from various areas of expertise, and children, Nós pensamos todos em nós offers viewers a glimpse of the processes and concerns involved in artistic creation for children, as well as (and perhaps most importantly) the reactions of the spectators who attended this programme of events. Accompanying the book with the same title (Nós pensamos todos em nós), this is not just a documentary appendix, but it is instead a record that forms an integral part of the book itself and elevates the reader to the status of spectator.

28 june > 27 july 2016
monday to friday 8:00AM to 20:00PM
Saturday, Sundy and holidays 10:00AM to 18:00PM

Conference Rooms | Level 1
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