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Dead Combo and the Strings of Ill Repute

Misty Fest


As part of Misty Fest, Dead Combo will be presenting a new show at the CCB, entitled Dead Combo and the Strings of Ill Repute. The Portuguese duo will be joined by a string trio composed of Carlos “Tony “ Gomes, on cello, Bruno Silva, on viola, and Denis Stetsenko, on violin. In this new show, the duo’s most emblematic music will be given new and original arrangements for strings.
Tó Trips and Pedro Gonçalves are “o Gato Pingado e o Gangster” (The Geyser and the Gangster), the two personalities of Dead Combo, who after watching these “three afflicted souls – the slim violin from the East, the viola from the South and the cello from the North” said: “Afflicted souls with strings of ill repute… Join your strings to ours!” And off they went down the street until the five of them disappeared amid the smoke from the old hat factory.

Production | Uguru II

6 november 2015 | 09:00pm

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