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Sete Lágrimas with guests Ana Moura, Carolina Deslandes and Tainá

We are living through strange times... what is true today may not be true tomorrow... At this present moment, art has a luminous potential: it is a light at the end of the tunnel offering a return to a (new) normality, but also providing a safe ticket that guarantees a lot more journeys. Sete Lágrimas return home and bring to the CCB a special concert with very special guests. Ana Moura, Carolina Deslandes and the Brazilian Tainá join forces with Sete Lágrimas, bringing with them their own journeys and adding these to a project that has established itself both nationally and internationally as one of the most relevant consorts of Early Music, and which has helped us grow used to crossovers, dialogues and encounters with contemporary art. «The Portuguese-speaking world continues to show itself to be such a fertile territory in intercultural expressions that bear witness to this conviviality and the mutual challenge that has existed over many centuries between models from various continents, whose results still endure as live practices in the popular traditions of each region. What Sete Lágrimas proposes to us is a journey through written and spoken repertoires – some closer to the present, others more remote; sometimes more erudite, other times more popular – which reflect this experience of six centuries of intense artistic sharing in a world interconnected for the first time by Portuguese caravels and marked in the course of this long period by light and shade, pain and joy, violence and passion, to which Music itself bears testimony.» Rui Vieira Nery, Musicologist – Lisbon Nova University/INET-md

2 august 2020 | 07:00pm
CCB Plaza
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