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Big Bang LX19

Big Bang Ambassadors 2019

Music coordeniation by Nuno Cintrão (Portugal)


The Big Bang Ambassadors project is an initiative developed at earlier editions of the Big Bang Festival all around Europe, inviting children to join the communication teams of each institution it visits. This year, at the CCB, the Ambassadors will be young musician reporters who, besides interviewing the artists, teams and audience, will also make their own small performances during the festival, inspired on shows presented at the Big Bang. The work of this team of young artists and reporters will be coordinated by the composer Nuno Cintrão, with the support of the whole CCB team. The interviews, news reports and performances resulting from this project will be broadcast on the Fábrica das Artes blog ( and the CCB’s YouTube channel.


Big Bang Festival is a coproduction between CCB (Centro Cultural de Belém) and Zonzo Compagnie, and it's part of the Big Bang european network, financed by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

This festival is supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Logótipos - CCB, Zonzo Compagnie, Programa Europa Criativa da União Europeia e EFFE

11 and 12 October, 2019
at CCB
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