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Big Bang LX19

Sopa de Pedra (Portugal)

Sopa de Pedra and students of the São Bruno School Cluster


Just as in the popular story about Sopa de Pedra (Stone Soup), the musical creation of this cappella group of ten women begins with a simple premise – a stone, a tradition, a melody, a song – to which nine voices are then added, composing a lively harmony that is reinvented each time someone sings or joins in with it. Their immense repertoire includes music that has been handed down orally from various regions, ranging from the songs of Miranda do Douro to the ballads of the Azores, from the songs of adufeiras to the cante alentejano, also including the repertoire of Portuguese singer-songwriters and traditional songs from other countries or even original compositions. In their passage through the Big Bang, Sopa de Pedra will work with a group from the educational community of the São Bruno School Cluster, operating under the scope of the project entitled Culture is Education – the School in Transformation and the Nómadas (Nomads) project of the Big Bang network.


Big Bang Festival is a coproduction between CCB (Centro Cultural de Belém) and Zonzo Compagnie, and it's part of the Big Bang european network, financed by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

This festival is supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Logótipos - CCB, Zonzo Compagnie, Programa Europa Criativa da União Europeia e EFFE

11 October, Friday, 17h00

12 October, Saturday, 18h00

Pedestrian Path
All ages
40 minutes
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