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Diana Vilarinho

Fado on the Waterfront


Diana Vilarinho is a young fado singer who has caught the attention of all those lucky enough to see her performing live. She won the Grande Noite do Fado (in 2008) at the age of just 20, and has twice taken part in the Santa Casa Alfama Festival. In the course of her singing career, Diana Vilarinho has performed at Lisbon’s most emblematic fado houses, as well as at the Teatro São Luiz, Teatro Tivoli and Cinema São Jorge, among other venues. She recently won the hearts of audiences in Astúrias, performing at the Festival VIII Noches de Fado, Divas


Coproduction | CCB/EGEAC-Museu do Fado

4 july 2020 | 09:00PM
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