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Metropolitan lisbon Orchestra


The beginning of Johannes Brahms’ Symphony No. 4 is quite surprising. Everything starts suddenly and dramatically, without any ceremonies and with a melody that advances unhesitatingly over the following pages. This is also how the 2019/2020 Metropolitana Music Season begins, looking forward to yet another year filled with attractive concerts for all those who consider live music to be an essential part of their daily lives. The first two chords of the programme belong, however, to an earlier work by the German composer. The Tragic Overture, an equally striking and inspiring piece of music, was composed in the pleasant summer of 1880, and, despite its title, does not refer to any tragic event in particular. It does, however, present a dramatic arrangement, based on contrasting tempos, with sudden and mysterious changes. Here it is perfectly suited to paving the way for the world première of a musical creation evoking the Fall of the Berlin Wall – some 30 years later! Zero Formula is the work of the Italian Luca Francesconi, one of today’s most prestigious composers, who, in the course of his creative career, has always sought to achieve unlikely musical balances in his stylistic eclecticism and in the coexistence of potentially conflicting elements. On this occasion, he joins together an orchestra and an electric guitar.

J. Brahms Tragic Overture, Op. 81
Luca Francesconi* Zero Formula, for electric guitar and orchestra (world première**)
J. Brahms Symphony No. 4, Op. 98

Ruben Mattia Santorsa Electric guitar
Pedro Amaral composer

(*) Artist associated with the Metropolitana Music Season 2019/2020
(**) Commissioned by the Lisbon Metropolitana Orchestra and the Instituto Italiano di Cultura to mark the 30th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall


Production | Metropolitana

29 september 2019 | 05:00PM
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