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Agostinho Sequeira percussion

Agostinho Sequeira no CCB

Agostinho Sequeira

Agostinho Sequeira is, undoubtedly, one of the most exciting of the new generation of musicians in Portugal. This young percussionist, the winner of the Young Musicians’ Award, has chosen a thematic programme for this concert that will take us on a voyage to the Orient. The theme is Asian percussion music, involving not only the music produced by Asian composers, but also that written by western composers with oriental influences.
Accordingly, the programme comprises two main pieces, a prelude to accompany the audience’s entry into the concert hall and an interlude played between the two pieces. The concert begins as a solitary journey undertaken by this percussionist with his multiple instruments, as he sets out to encounter an Orient imagined by the Danish Per Nørgård, until, in the middle of the concert, he is joined by other percussionists, as if in a ritual, in search of the spirituality of the Japanese composer Minor Miki.

P. Nørgård / Ching
M. Miki Marimba Spiritual

Production | CCB

17 january 2019 | 07:00PM

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