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Metropolitana Opera Workshop: The Magic Flute


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Composed not for an opera house, but for the popular vaudeville theatre run by Schikaneder, The Magic Flute was one of Mozart’s last works, written at a time when the composer was desperate for money. The libretto, based on a wide variety of sources, is a blend of elements from pantomime, farce, spoken parts and scenes with special effects, combined with the mystical Masonic philosophy that Mozart adhered to. Starting immediately with the three solemn chords that mark the beginning of the overture, the opera contains many references to the rituals and symbolism of this secret organisation.
This incredible mixture of initiation rites, the jocular use of the spirit of the Singspiel, and children’s magic, is afforded its coherence by two factors: Mozart’s musical and dramatic genius, on the one hand, and his faith in the Masonic ideal, on the other. It is clear that this is an initiation ceremony filled with hidden meanings and esoteric symbols. But it is equally clear that the work was also addressed to the common public, who were little given to spirituality. With marvellous skill, Mozart enabled this masterpiece to fulfil its dual vocation.

Orquestra Metropolitana De Lisboa
Chamber Choir Lisbon Cantat
Participants in the workshop the opera Metropolitana 2017/2018
Jorge Vaz de Carvalho scenic and vocal direction

Jorge Carvalho Alves
Pedro Amaral
musical direction

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart The Magic Flute

Coproduction | CCB | Metropolitana

19 January 2018 | 08:00PM
21 january 2018 | 04:00PM

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