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Aldina Duarte

Fado on the Waterfront

Aldina Duarte©Isabel Pinto

Aldina Duarte©Isabel Pinto

Aldina Duarte is one of the great voices in today’s Fado world, being recognised for her unmistakable artistic personality and her quite unique capacity for interpreting this form of music. Her intense career has been marked by the concerts that she has given at some of the leading Portuguese concert venues, as well as at major international festivals and music seasons, and her passion for literature has led her to combine the musical repertoire of the great and traditional Fado verses with a careful choice of poems that she also sings. She herself wrote the words for many of her own songs, as well as for those sung by other Fado singers, such as Camané, Carminho, Ana Moura, Mariza and António Zambujo.
A frequent collaborator in interdisciplinary initiatives that combine Fado with other artistic and cultural expressions, she has designed various projects for the international promotion of Fado, and has given talks at Fado Festivals in Madrid, Seville, Bogotá and Buenos Aires. Her intense involvement in the world of cinema includes the documentary “Aldina Duarte: the Promised Princess”, directed by Manuel Mozos, which has been presented and won awards at various Portuguese and international film festivals, while her long list of recordings includes her album “Romance(s)” (2015), which was considered by the Portuguese critics to be the year’s best recording and was given special prominence by the magazine “Songlines”, a world reference in the specialist music press.

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6 april 2018 | 09:00PM

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