Free Admission




Yoga Lessons

by Jorge Dauphinet Barros

Jardim da Pedra
4, 11, 18 and 25 july 2020, saturday / 10:00am

We challenge you to take part in the experience of a yoga lesson in the open air, taking advantage of the morning sun in July. You can also begin to learn the respiratory, physical and relaxation techniques that yoga has to offer you during a stimulating and rewarding hour of your time. You just have to bring a mat with you and the desire to practise this art. Everyone is welcome.


Tai Chi Chuan Lessons

by Mafalda Costa | Folha de Bambu

Jardim da Pedra
1, 8, 15, 22 and 29 august 2020, saturday / 10:00am

We invite you to join with us in practising Tai Chi Chuan, with Mafalda Costa from the Folha de Bambu School. The five lessons will enable you to develop a small sequence of 18 movements, which you may then continue to practise later.

Tai Chi Chuan is a Chinese martial art that belongs to the class of gentle styles or innermost arts. Its movements are developed at a slow pace that is its hallmark and distinguishes it from the other martial arts.

Besides its special rhythm, this discipline is characterised by circular movements that, by being continuously repeated, promote the circulation of Chi or energy, thus enabling the whole body to mobilise and project greater strength into the movement of attack or defence.

Tai Chi Chuan is considered to be a way of preventing physical problems and maintaining health, as it lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and anxiety, strengthens the muscles and joints, develops concentration, improves focus and stimulates the nervous and neurological system



Pilates Lessons

by Catarina Louro

Jardim da Pedra
5, 12, 19 and 26 september 2020, saturday / 10:00am

On Saturday mornings in September, come to the CCB’s Olive-Tree Garden and take part in open-air Pilates lessons, under the guidance of Catarina Louro.

Pilates is a fusion of eastern and western exercises in which we take full control of our body, emphasising the work of all the muscles in a balanced way, while we remain absolutely aware of our body and the powerful interconnections between mind and body.


100% vegetable spreads and butters

Catarina Mamede | Bee’s Knees – Cozinha Vegetariana

Jardim da Pedra
18 july 2020, saturday / 11:30am

Catarina Mamede, the founder of the Bee’s Knees – Cozinha Vegetariana project, will present a showcooking session in the CCB’s Stone Garden, dedicated to 100% vegetable spreads and butters.

A perfect and different alternative, simple to make, nutritious and delicious, these spreads are ideal as an entrée, as part of a picnic, or simply for spreading on bread and toast, or using as a dip to eat with vegetable sticks... In short, they have 1001 uses.

Bee’s Knees – Cozinha Vegetariana is a project about 100% vegetarian homemade food, including ecology, health and ethics.


100% vegetable snacks for children

Catarina Mamede | Bee’s Knees – Cozinha Vegetariana

Jardim da Pedra
25 july 2020, saturday / 11:30am

Catarina Mamede, the founder of the Bee’s Knees – Cozinha Vegetariana project, will present a showcooking session in the CCB’s Olive-Tree Garden, dedicated to 100% vegetable snacks for children.

She will present ideas for healthy and tasty sugar-free snacks. All simple and quick to make, and guaranteeing that our little ones are always eating in a balanced and healthy manner.

Bee’s Knees – Cozinha Vegetariana is a project about 100% vegetarian homemade food, including ecology, health and ethics.


Aqui Há Peixe das Lotas Portuguesas


Jardim da Pedra
1 august 2020, saturday / 11:30am

Come and discover new ways of cooking mackerel and octopus, typical species of fish found along the Portuguese coast, at Docapesca’s showcooking project Aqui há Peixe das Lotas Portuguesas. It may encourage you to bring these species to your dining-table more often.

Freshly caught fish should feature regularly among the preferred dishes of the Portuguese, forming an integral part of a healthy diet. Always show a preference for nationally produced fish and look for the CCL Label, as this identifies the fresh fish that is sold at the fish markets on the Portuguese mainland, as well as on the fish stalls of the local municipal markets and supermarkets, thus guaranteeing consumers that they are buying fish that has been caught by Portuguese boats operating on the Portuguese coast. CCL stands for Comprovativo de Compra em Lota (Proof of Purchase at the Fish Market) and the aim of the label is to promote Portuguese fish, ensuring a fairer reward for the local fishermen, while, at the same time, promoting a healthy diet and encouraging the use of fresh, locally caught produce.


Lebanese Food

Chef Leonor Godinho

Jardim da Pedra
8 august 2020, saturday / 11:30am

In this session, chef Leonor Godinho will take us on a trip through Lebanon, in which she will show us how to make fresh dishes and offer us some ideas for the summer, such as hummus, tabouleh, or even falafel. These are ideal dishes for sharing, since they are snacks that can be easily made at home and can involve the whole family in the cooking process.


World Foods. Unusual Ingredients

Chef Pedro Monteiro

Jardim da Pedra
15 august 2020, saturday / 11:30am

Born and bred in Minas Gerais (Brazil), Pedro Monteiro discovered his passion for cooking with his grandmother, who encouraged him to follow his dream. He studied Gastronomy in Brazil and later moved to Lisbon to enrol in a Master’s Degree in Gastronomic Sciences. He became a master brewer and today is the chef in the kitchen of the MUSA beer factory.

At the CCB, Pedro Monteiro will be conducting a showcooking session dedicated to world foods and their unusual ingredients.


Açorda Alentejana

Maria Schiappa 

Jardim da Pedra
22 august 2020, saturday / 11:30am

Come and learn with Maria Schiappa how to make a genuine açorda alentejana and discover a little more about its history. A dish that is found at the tables of rich and poor alike, it is easy to make and quite irresistible.

Maria Schiappa studied Tourism at the Instituto de Novas Profissões, after which she trained at the Lisboa Sheraton Hotel & Towers. Always working in the area of communication, she has collaborated with the Centro Cultural de Belém, Duplacena, Artistas Unidos and the Lisbon Architecture Triennale. She is currently responsible for Customer Relations at the Pap’Açôrda Restaurant.


Convent Confectionery

Maria Almeida

Jardim da Pedra
29 august 2020, saturday / 11:30am

Talking about convent confectionery means much more than just swapping or passing on recipes. There is a whole historical framework, mainly situated at the socio-economic level, which has first to be understood before we can fully realise that convent confectionery, just like painting, music, architecture and literature, is an important part of our cultural heritage. It is a heritage that urgently needs to be preserved since it is in danger of gradually falling into disuse and ruin.

Why so many egg yolks? Why so much sugar? Why so many different recipes with the same three ingredients? Why so many different sweets with the same name? We are now going to discover the answers to all these questions.

And, amazingly, the best of all is that you will discover that convent confectionary is actually quite simple to make, and that much of what is said about its manufacture is nothing more than a myth.



Chef Hugo Brito | Boi-Cavalo 

Jardim da Pedra
5  september 2020, saturday / 11:30am

Hugo Brito, chef and owner of Boi-Cavalo, a restaurant of contemporary Portuguese cuisine, influenced by the gastronomic tradition of the city of Lisbon and the communities that inhabit it, will lead us through a showcooking session where we can learn how to make sandwiches creative and tasty.

Former plastic artist, Hugo Brito worked with Ljubomir Stanisic at the restaurant 100 Maneiras and was responsible for the Cafeteria of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale before founding the Boi-Cavalo restaurant.


Shrimp Risotto

Chef Fernando Monteiro

Jardim da Pedra
12 september 2020, saturday / 11:30am

Fernando Monteiro, chef at Onyria Quinta da Marinha Hotel, will demystify the confection of shrimp risotto at CCB’s Jardim da Pedra.

Risotto is a typical Italian dish in which rice, shallots and onions are fried and broth and shrimp are added, wrapped in butter and Parmesan cheese.

This dish is appreciated all over the world and, with perfect technique, it will surprise your family and friends.