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Protagonists of the History of Portugal

Nuno Gonçalo Monteiro, Bernardo Vasconcelos and Sousa and Rui Ramos


Marquês de Pombal

In this cycle of lectures, we shall study some of the individual and collective actors who have determined the course of the History of Portugal. Some have famous names; others have remained anonymous. We know the iconography of some of them, while with others we have to imagine them. What importance should we give to these personalities in our understanding of the past? What ideas did they have about who they were and what they were doing? In this first series, we shall talk about Dom Afonso Henriques, Inês de Castro, Fernão Lopes and his “little people”, the peoples of the Portuguese expansion, Queen Maria Francisca of Savoy, the Marquis of Pombal, Maria II, the revolutionaries of the First Republic and Salazar.


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Louis-Miguel van Loo (1707-1771) e Joseph Vernet (1714-1789)

Retrato de Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo, 1.º Marquês de Pombal, 1766
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Museu de Lisboa

11, 18 and 25 january 2020 | 1, 8, 15 and 29 de february 2020 | 7 and 14 march 2020 | 12:00pm to 13:00pm
Conference Rooms | Level 1
60 min
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