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Homeland: From Portugal to Venice, From Venice to Portugal 

Garagem Sul | Architecture Exhibitions 


Curator Pedro Campos Costa

The Venice Biennale came to an end in November, but the Portuguese representation at the event didn’t just stop there. On 9 December, Homeland will be coming to Portugal, with an exhibition at the CCB summarising the whole exercise of reflection and practical work that took place over the six months of the Biennale. “HOMELAND | News from Portugal” is an exhibition that fits perfectly into the process set out for the newspaper: to create something concrete, constructive and critical in Portugal.
In the editorial of the newspaper’s first issue, Pedro Campos Costa, the curator of Homeland, said that “the project is not just a critical reflection, to be printed and exhibited like a catalogue – it is meant to be much more than that”. Based on the different themes of Homeland, six teams of architects have worked on the national territory and developed proposals for interventions in six cities around the country, working closely with local authorities and residents. The projects relate to six different types of housing (Collective, Single-Family, Informal, Rehabilitation, Rural and Temporary) through six urbanistic processes.
The exhibition HOMELAND at the CCB will reveal to the public these different projects, which are currently at different stages of their development, highlighting the potential for their continuation in the cities of Porto, Matosinhos, Lisbon, Setúbal and Évora.
Promoting dialogue and involving different interlocutors, while setting processes in motion that will generate content in different formats (projects, essays, etc.), was one of the main aims of the Portuguese representation at the Bienalle. From Venice to Lisbon, this exhibition affords continuity to the creative impulse set in motion by the Biennale, which is now spreading its positive effects over the country where it all started: Portugal.

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Institutions supporting the CCB’s Garagem Sul

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