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Victor Palla e Bento d'Almeida

Architecture from other times

Curatorship Patrícia Bento d’Almeida with João Palla Martins

The work produced by the studio of the architects Victor Palla (1922-2006) and Joaquim Bento d’Almeida (1918-1997), which has been widely recognised by the historians and critics of Portuguese architecture, has not yet been the subject of any public exhibition. These two architects formed part of a generation that adhered to the principles of the Modern Movement and they worked together professionally for 25 years (1947-1973), producing more than 700 projects. They were responsible for the modernisation of countless commercial establishments, factories, primary schools, permanent housing (single-family detached houses and multi-family housing blocks) and temporary accommodation (hotels and tourist complexes), with their activity also extending into the areas of design and the arts.

Famous for being the precursors in introducing the American model of the snack-bar into Portugal, for seventeen years they were also responsible for the projects for single-family detached homes that the magazine EVA distributed through a special draw each Christmas.


tuesday to sunday
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April 11 to june 18, 2017

Garagem Sul
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