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The World in Our Eyes

Lisbon Architecture Triennale - 4th edition


Under the title The Form of Form, and aimed at a national and international audience, the goal of this 4th edition of the Lisbon Triennale is to stimulate and deepen the debate around a large spectrum of contemporary views on today’s architectural practice, in other words, about the way in which the world changes.


The powerful urban endeavours that gained shape during the 20th century, gave architects material to build ideological approaches taken directly from the city and its rapid change. The exhibition The World in Our Eyes focuses on urban space and its title can be interpreted on different levels.

The curators of this nucleus are Fabrizio Gallanti and Francisca Insulza that, in 2003, founded FIG Projects as a platform that promotes interdisciplinary initiatives and explores the boundaries between architecture, urban research and visual arts.

For this exhibition, the duo incites a debate between ways of describing and analysing the urban and territorial condition, in the present and the past, and focuses on two aspects of that view. The first, makes a retrospective of recent inquiries on several urban realities, comparing methods and results; and the second focuses on cartography and representations of urban phenomena.

Based on description and analysis they follow two goals: the first one, operating within architecture, looks to inform the project’s process while the second, aims at spreading out outside the subject and aspires to bring other audiences to understand the city. The changes in its morphology, the implications of the economical, cultural or political forces are some of the subjects addressed.

Calling out to an extensive list of participants, with projects from several points of the globe, like Damon Rich from Newark Planning Office, Rualab + MAS, Cohabitation Strategies, Cities Without Ground, MAP Office, Harvard School of Design, amongst many others.




The main exhibitions will be the point of departure for three conferences on 17, 18 and 19 November 2016, representing a second highlight in the Triennale programme. Held in venues adjacent to the exhibitions at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Belém Cultural Centre and MAAT, they will bring to the podium prominent architects, researchers and players in the international architectural scene. The debates will deepen reflection on the themes dealt with in the exhibitions, launching new views and questions and opening up new paths for debate.


7 oct - 15 jan 2017
Garagem Sul
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