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The Territory of Architecture

Gregotti and Associati 1953-2017


© Francisco Nogueira

© Francisco Nogueira

© Francisco Nogueira

Curatorship Guido Morpurgo
Produced by Padiglione d'Arte Contemporane (PAC)

On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, the Belém Cultural Centre presents a retrospective exhibition of the work of Vittorio Gregotti.
The exhibition will present an explanatory narrative of his wide-ranging activities and those conducted by his studio, spanning more than six decades of projects both in Italy and abroad. The title of the retrospective establishes an ideal continuity and a form of mirroring with the territorio dell’architettura (territory of architecture) – the programmatic title of his first book published in 1966 – a meeting place for contributions from other experiences and disciplines, in which the term territory conveys the meaning of the overall physical and conceptual material for architecture itself. The development of this comprehensive project relating to Gregotti’s studio (documented in the exhibition through plans and original scale models, in addition to reproductions and photographs) starts with the latest works and moves backwards in time until reaching the ideal bond with those from the 1950s. New directions were later developed during the 1970s. These were followed by tenders and projects for European cities during the 1980s, including for housing projects. During the 1990s came many changes to the principles of urban design, with countless projects for European cities. Over the last decade, he has mostly dealt with the subject of urban refoundation in Africa and China in particular, with the construction of the new city near Shanghai, Pujiang.


Visits to the exhibition and city

tuesday to sunday
213 612 614/5

November 13, 2018 to January 27, 2019
Garagem Sul
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