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Maria Ramos


Árida, the latest creation by Maria Ramos, represents a continuation of her choreographic work Something Still Uncaptured, both of them being performed in collaboration with the light designer Vinny Jones.
In the previous piece, we based our work on the idea of containment and a greater density of the space. We called it ‘landscape in action’.
In this work, we continue to develop the notion of ‘landscape in action’, but this time we explore the notion of aridity, vastness and the expansion of the scenic space. The bodies of the dancers, placed in an arid environment, exposed, dazzling, extreme, will not assume the main role. Their bodies, on the path of the sound, of the wind and the light, will be like obstacles in response to which the space becomes agitated, reverberating, causing friction, shaping itself to them, deviating and moving away...
What interests us here is to bring to the stage the agitations of the natural world, where the pulse of the human body exists just as the pulse of other natural elements also exists: an inhospitable plateau, an escarpment breaking up the land… On an arid, but not a poor, stage, an analogy is established between this artistic vision and the planet’s arid regions.

Director and Choreographer Maria Ramos
Scenic space and lighting design Vinny Jones
Interpretation Marta Cerqueira
Artistic accompaniment Martinho R. Fernandes
Technical direction Mário Bessa
Co-production Teatro Cine Torres Vedras and Teatro Municipal do Porto – Rivoli/Campo Alegre
Venue and Partnership Centro Cultural de Belém – CCB
Artistic residencies Festival Materiais Diversos, Teatro Municipal Campo Alegre, EIRA – produção e realização de espetáculos, Companhia Olga Roriz
Rehearsal space ACCCA
Support for the choreographic research Forum Dança, CRIA – Festival Olhares do Mediterrâneo
Support for the promotion of the project Dutch Embassy in Lisbon, Australian Embassy in Lisbon, Festival Olhares do Mediterrâneo
Production and Management José Luís Ferreira / Antunes Fidalgo Unipessoal
Acknowledgements Benedetta Maxia, Davide Costa, Joana Martins, Jorge Soares, Mário Verino, Patrícia André, Sofia Matos

Production | CCB

24 and 25 november 2016 | 09:00PM

Rehearsal Room
45 min
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