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Impro Sharana

Impro Sharana © Hikari Production

Impro Sharana © Hikari Production

Impro Sharana Born in Madras, in India, and raised in Paris, Shantala began to dance very early on in her life. Under her mother’s influence, she specialised in the classical dance known as kuchipudi, a style that was born in Angra Pradesh, in the south of India. She performed at countless festivals and theatres, where the combination of her rigorous technique and gracious style earned her the fulsome applause of the critics. At the age of 13, she was invited to work with Maurice Béjart, and later with Peter Brook. Between the ages of 15 and 16, she travelled to India, where she perfected her kuchipudi technique with her lifelong master. She gained her first great experience of contemporary dance when Pina Bausch invited her to perform, and it was through her that she got to know Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, with whom she also worked. Shantala divides her time between dancing kuchipudi and other dance, music and theatre projects. In Impro Sharana, Shantala shares the stage with Ferran Savall, the son of Monserrat Figueras and Jordi Savall, and another four musicians. Here, musical improvisation and dance become intertwined and engage in an expressive dialogue between east and west, between tradition and contemporaneity, linking together harmony and freedom and leaving us enthralled by Shantala’s art.


Shantala Shivalingappa choreography and interpretation
Ferran Savall musical creation, guitar and voice
Jordi Gaspar double bass
David Mayoral Percussion
Nedyalko Nedyalkov kaval (flute)
Driss El Maloumi oud (Traditional Middle Eastern String Instrument)
Nicolas Boudier lighting and technique design

Executive Production [H] ikari - Compagnie Shantala Shivalingappa in collaboration with CIMA - Fundació Center International de Música Antiga
Co-production [H] ikari - Compagnie Shantala Shivalingappa (Nantes), Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona), Festival Alta Alta (Girona), FIND India- Europe Foundation for New Dialogues

Production | CCB

12 and 13 april 2019 | 09:00PM
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