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CCB Summer 2017

Jazz | World Music | Cinema

© Maria Azevedo


1 July | Jardim das Oliveiras | 19:00

Pedro Segundo drums
Ross Stanley Hammond organ
Musician to be announced

Pedro Segundo is a drummer who lives in London and is part of Judith Owen’s backing group, together with the jazz trombonist Dennis Rollins, besides playing in such bands as Kansas Smittys and the Ronnie Scott House Band and Allstars. He is accompanied here by Ross Stanley, a virtuoso player of the Hammond Organ, so that the audience should be prepared for an unforgettable concert to open the CCB’s Summer Programme.

2 July | Jardim das Oliveiras | 19:00

Joana Machado vocals
Bruno Santos guitar
Óscar Graça piano
Romeu Tristão double bass
Joel Silva drums

One of the most original and sophisticated Portuguese singers and composers to have appeared in recent years, Joana Machado will be presenting her new album, Lifestories, which is a team effort, resulting from the band’s research into different sounds and grooves. It establishes an aesthetics where jazz is the ideal terrain for bringing together musical influences that range from soul to rock’n’roll.

6 July | Jardim das Oliveiras | 19:00

João Roque composition, electric and acoustic guitar
João Capinha alto and soprano saxophone, bass clarinet
Xico Santos double bass
João Rijo drums

Songs by the composer and guitarist João Roque, based on a fusion of influences from rock and jazz that results in a particular kind of aesthetics, giving privilege to captivating melodies and sound environments that have a powerful image-based component.

8 July | Jardim das Oliveiras | 19:00

Nuno Costa guitar
Óscar Graça keyboards
André Sousa Machado drums

The NOA project explores different musical dimensions and atmospheres, giving privilege to the interaction between the musicians themselves. Their repertoire includes original themes and arrangements of songs from the universe of national and international popular music, where the stress is placed on producing an elegant sound, with a firmly established musical personality and clearly defined melodies, combined with improvised music with its origins in jazz.

9 July | Jardim das Oliveiras | 19:00

Marco Oliveira guitar and vocals
Otto Pereira violin

With deep roots in the culture and universe of fado, Marco Oliveira is a multifaceted musician and performer, with a voice that transports us from the past right through to the contemporary world, where the soul of the fado singers of bygone times continues to be present and to leave its mark on each new generation. His ability to project his voice, the feelings that he evokes, the class that he oozes and his perfect tone are just some of the characteristics that have turned his concerts into unique moments.

13 July | Jardim das Oliveiras | 19:00

Cícero Lee double bass
Tiago Oliveira guitar
Joel Silva drums

Accompanied by two musicians whose work is always surprising, Cícero Lee presents original music specially composed for this trio, as well as versions of some of the tracks from his latest album “Those Who Stay”.
15 July | Jardim das Oliveiras | 19:00

Diego El Gavi vocals
Victor Zamora piano
Alex Sá flamenco guitar

Diego El Galvi is synonymous with flamenco music in Portuguese. Backed by classical guitars and percussion, and with the innovative introduction of a trumpet, he creates an entirely new format for this musical genre, giving all of the musicians room for creativity, and always guaranteeing captivating and atmospheric concerts.

16 July | Jardim das Oliveiras | 19:00

Orlanda Guilande vocals
João Balão vocals and drums
Carlos Mil-Homens percussion

Created with the aim of working on several musical genres, ELSA PROJECT is a band with a variable line-up centred around the vocals of Orlanda Guilande. At this concert, Elsa will take the form of a trio, flitting from jazz to Afro sounds, and taking us through the music of Dobet Gnahore, India Arie and Bill Evans, among others.

20 July | Jardim das Oliveiras | 19:00

João Nuno Bernardo electric piano
Francisco Brito double bass
Pedro Felgar drums

João Bernardo offers a mainstream repertoire, alternating with the introspective sounds that characterise his band. The trio will be playing a series of tunes from the American songbook, as well as other songs, too.
22 July | Jardim das Oliveiras | 19:00

Sérgio Carolino tuba
Mário Dinis Marques saxophone

The result of a musical partnership that began in 1986, TUBAX DUO was born from a permanent exchange of musical experiences that two great friends then decided to give a definitive shape to, performing works by such different composers as Howie Smith, Petri Keskitalo and Jon Hansen, and working on arrangements of themes by John Zorn and Ennio Morricone. The duo’s first album is currently under production and benefits from the special participation of SPARKY, the Basset Hound.

23 July | Jardim das Oliveiras | 19:00

Alexandre Alves drums
Nuno Tavares piano
João Sanguinheira electric bass

Frederico BC was preparing to go on holiday and, by mistake, he took with him in his travel bag a record by Frank Sinatra. From then on, his life changed completely, and he spent his adolescence listening to and discovering Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles and Tony Bennett, among many others. One of the most highly regarded voices on the contemporary music scene, Frederico BC will be at the CCB this summer, singing versions of songs by Frank Sinatra, Jamie Collum, Michael Bublé and Jimi Hendrix, promising his audience a relaxing and entertaining end to the day.

27 July | Jardim das Oliveiras | 19:00

André Santos – guitar
António Quintino – double bass
Joel Silva – drums

André Santos, António Quintino and Joel Silva have been playing together now for several years on a variety of musical projects (LA New Mainstream, AQ Trio) and, in SABRE, they have joined together compositions written by each of them separately, unifying them through a sound that was born and has developed naturally over time.

29 July | Jardim das Oliveiras | 19:00

Inês Sousa vocals
Margarida Campelo vocals and piano
Bruno Pernadas guitar and banjo
Gonçalo Leonardo double bass
João Correia drums

Suzie’s Velvet is a jazz group denoting influences from the famous vocal groups The Andrew Sisters and The Mills Brothers. Their repertoire is essentially composed of American songs from the 1930s and 1940s, marked by swing and blues. The vocal arrangements and musical accompaniments create a nostalgic cabaret-type atmosphere.

30 July | Jardim das Oliveiras | 19:00

Maro vocals and guitar
Carlos Garcia piano

Maro, a 22-year-old guitarist, pianist and singer-songwriter, will present several of her original compositions in
Portuguese and English, accompanied by the talented pianist Carlos Garcia. Displaying major influences from jazz, folk, Brazilian and world music, Maro seeks to combine these styles with her own strictly Portuguese traditions. An acoustic set that sounds highly promising!

3 August | Jardim das Oliveiras | 19:00

André Santos guitar
Romeu Tristão double bass
Ricardo Toscano saxophone

Used to playing in all kinds of different contexts, this trio essentially plays tunes from the American songbook with tremendous class and sensitivity, providing excellent moments for each performance.

5 August | Jardim das Oliveiras | 19:00

Desidério Lázaro saxophone
João Firmino guitar
Francisco Brito double bass
Joel Silva drums

One of the greatest talents in Portuguese jazz, Desidério Lázaro has consolidated his position amongst the country’s leading saxophonists, giving himself greater exposure as a soloist and improviser, working on the musical legacy of Coltrane, Rollins and Lacy in a rigorous and sober fashion. He will be performing with his quartet, with whom he has been playing for more than a decade.

6 August | Jardim das Oliveiras | 19:00

Manuel João Vieira vocals, guitar, ukulele
Gimba bass
Luís Desirat drums

Vieira Power Trio is the “mini and compact” version of the bands formed by Manuel João Vieira, who, together with Gimba, a founding member of Afonsinhos do Condado, and Luís Desirat, the drummer with Ena Pá 2000, will be playing “themes from always and never”, as well as “some unusual originals, such as the songs of yesteryear…”

10 August | Jardim das Oliveiras | 19:00

Mané Fernandes guitar
Filipe Louro double bass
Pedro Vasconcelos drums

Mané Fernandes will be performing in a trio with the band from his first album “BounceLab” (Porta-Jazz 2014) and his most recent project “The Mantra of the pHat Lotus”, which has yet to be released. Together, they promise to take us on an honest and exploratory journey of sharp contrasts.

12 August | Jardim das Oliveiras | 19:00

Nega Jaci vocals
Claudio Kumar guitar

This talented singer has already performed in several countries, appearing at some of the world’s major concert venues. Her curriculum includes her participations in such bands as Sucata Mania and Percucia, with two recorded albums and many other musical collaborations. For the CCB’s summer programme, Nega will be presenting a repertoire of songs by Chico Buarque and Elis Regina, bringing the best of Brazilian music, with lots of samba, in a show that is full of energy and an open invitation to dance!

13 August | Jardim das Oliveiras | 19:00

Elisa Rodrigues vocals
Pedro Vidal guitar

Blessed with a deep and powerful voice, capable of melting the coldest of audiences, Elisa Rodrigues has already gained the full respect of the critics and a whole host of fans, who have made her one of the most exciting discoveries in Portuguese music in recent times. Only a short while ago, the British band These New Puritans invited her to take part in their latest CD, Fields of Reeds.

17 August | Jardim das Oliveiras | 19:00

Nuno Tavares piano, compositions
Carlos Mil-Homens percussion
Paulo Neves bass
Raimundo Semedo saxophones
Sérgio Caldeira drums

An instrumental project that has brought together musicians from different musical worlds, ranging from Flamenco and Afro-Peruvian Music to Jazz and even Erudite Music. Rhythm is a very important and powerful component of the music they play, making it very energetic and impetuous.

19 August | Jardim das Oliveiras | 19:00

Kabeção handpan
João M. Nunes guitar

Kabeção Rodrigues is an enthusiastic musician, who is passionate about World Music and the sound of the handpan. Being endowed with a rare sensitivity, his talent is recognised worldwide and he is considered to be one of the world’s best players of this musical instrument. The sound that he produces leads us to feel an extraordinary sense of well-being, peace and relaxation.

20 August | Jardim das Oliveiras | 19:00

Filipe Valentim saxophones
Carlos Garcia piano and keyboards
Eduardo Jordão electric bass
Eduardo Lála trombone
Emanuel Marçal accordion
Gonçalo Santos drums and percussion
Sónia Oliveira vocals

The project Uma Coisa em Forma de Assim came into being with the specific aim of playing music for traditional European dance, and the band performs in the typical format of a ballroom dance concert, where the interaction with the audience is one of its main features.

24 August | Jardim das Oliveiras | 19:00

Nuno Guedes Campos compositions and guitar
Nelson Cascais double bass
Bruno Pedroso drums

This trio, led by the composer and guitarist Nuno Guedes Campos, will play music from their latest album “Sensations – Illusions” (2015). They will also be adding to this repertoire a series of previously unheard musical pieces that are set to be included on the trio’s next album.

26 August | Jardim das Oliveiras | 19:00

Yuri Daniel electric bass
Diogo Vida piano
Vicky Marques drums and percussion

V3 is the new project of original themes by Diogo Vida, where the pianist and composer presents his most recent work. These new and decidedly melodious compositions, which are both highly personal and non-transferable, have been created with the natural language of the musicians forming this trio in mind – Yuri Daniel on electric bass, Vicky Marques on drums and Diogo Vida on piano.

27 August | Jardim das Oliveiras | 19:00

Manuel Sousa trumpet
Flávio Cardoso clarinet
César Cardoso tenor saxophone
Ricardo Carreira trombone
Pedro Santos banjo and vocals
Daniel Marques tuba
João Maneta drums

Desbundixie is a band that seeks to revive the jazz style known as Dixieland, looking for inspiration in the sounds that came out of New Orleans in the early twentieth century. In this journey through the history of jazz and its origins, the seven members of Desbundixie approach Dixieland with a language that is marked by improvisation and irreverence, always providing moments of great joy and excitement for their audience.

31 August | Jardim das Oliveiras | 19:00

Margarida Campelo vocals
Inês Laginha piano
Cláudio Alves guitar
António Quintino double bass
João Lopes Pereira drums

After following a musical path that oscillates between classical music and jazz, Nemaya is the first project of original compositions to have been produced by the pianist Inês Laginha. This project is an exploration centred entirely around songs. Some of them have no lyrics, while others use poems written by women.


7 July | Praça CCB | 21:30
At this concert recorded live in 2006, Amy Winehouse runs through the tracks from the album Back to Black, which, to some extent, set her on the way to world fame and stardom and where her musical influences – soul, jazz and blues – are joined together in a painful exercise in which art imitates (her own) life.

14 July | Praça CCB | 21:30
Under the leadership of Jay Kay, Jamiroquai is an explosive and highly danceable mixture of funk, soul and acid jazz, as can be clearly seen in this concert recorded in Montreux, and which Portuguese audiences have already had the opportunity to see live at concerts in Portugal.

21 July | Praça CCB | 21:30
A concert that runs through songs from thirty years in the career of this chameleon-like musician and a fundamental reference in the world of pop/rock music. At this concert, recorded in Dublin, we can see and hear the Bowie from Rebel Rebel, Ashes to Ashes and Heroes, ending with three songs performed by the alien Ziggy Stardust.

28 July | Praça CCB | 21:30
Recorded at the Brighton Dome, this concert by the Scissor Sisters is the confirmation of the worldwide success of the album Ta Dah and the hallmark of a band that is irreverent, provocative and liberating.

4 August | Praça CCB | 21:30

Directors: Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine
Image and Sound: Ila Bêka
Editing: Tiros Niakaj, Louise Lemoine
Original Language: French
Sub-titles: Portuguese
Production: Bêka & Partners, France.

As the first project in the “Living Architectures” series, the film Koolhaas Houselife portrays one of the masterpieces of contemporary architecture. The film lets the viewer enter the intimacy of the house’s everyday life, through the stories and daily chores performed by the housekeeper, Guadalupe Acedo, and the other people who also look after the building. Poignant, funny and touching.

11 August | Praça CCB | 21:30

Directors: Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine
Image and Sound: Ila Bêka
Editing: Tiros Niakaj, Louise Lemoine
Original Language: Spanish
Sub-titles: English
Production: Bêka & Partners, France.

Accompanying the team responsible for cleaning the windows, this film observes the complexity and virtuosity of Frank Gehry’s architecture through their ascensions, techniques and difficulties.


Directors: Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine
Original Language: French
Sub-titles: English
Production: Bêka & Partners, France.

The fifth project in the “Living Architectures” series, Inside Piano is composed of three films about three symbolic buildings in the career of Renzo Piano. A visit undertaken during the course of the construction of the prototype for the Centre Pompidou. An immersion in the soundproof world of a submarine floating in the depths of the Parisian underground. A journey aboard the luminous magic carpet of a highly sophisticated architectural machine. A peculiar and ironic point of view, filled with humour.

18 August | Praça CCB | 21:30
BARBICANIA (2014), by ILA BÊKA and LOUISE LEMOINE (90 mins.)

Directors: Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine
Director of Photography: Ila Bêka
Sound: Louise Lemoine
Editing: Ila Bêka, Louise Lemoine
Colourist: Yov Moor
Sound mix: Walter Fuji, Lo Studio
Illustrations: Alfred
Line Producer: Marco Mona
Original Language: English
Production: Bêka & Partners, France
Co-production: Barbican Centre, United Kingdom

At the specific request of the Art Gallery of the Barbican Centre, Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine, internationally known for their unique approach to architecture, immersed themselves for a whole month in the life of one of the most important European art centres and one of the most representative achievements of Brutalist architecture. Built as a personal diary, the film recounts on a daily basis everything that the directors had discovered during their urban trip from the top floors of the towers to the underground levels of the art centre. Through an impressive gallery of portraits, the film draws an intimate human map of the place, bringing this hostile district to life and questioning the durability of this utopia of the 1950s.

25 August | Praça CCB | 21:30
25 BIS (2014), by ILA BÊKA and LOUISE LEMOINE (46 mins.)

Directors: Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine
Director of Photography: Ila Bêka
Sound: Louise Lemoine
Editing: Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine
Colourist: Tiros Niakaj
Original Language: French
Sub-titles: English
Production: Bêka & Partners, France.

Commissioned by Fondazione Prada and OMA for the exhibition “Auguste Perret, Huit Chefs d’œuvre !/? – Architectures du béton armé” at the Palais d’Iéna, in 2014, this film is an intimate portrait of a masterpiece from the beginning of Auguste Perret’s career: the building located at 25 Bis, Rue Franklin in Paris. “25 Bis” talks to us from a different point of view, searching for the intangible and subjective element of the building’s history: the depth of the human imprint. Naked from the permanence here of human existence, the building appears as a sedimentation of life stories where each layer has left traces of its passage through this place. From the intimate nature of these stories, the film draws this fragile and undefined essence that could be called “the place’s soul”.

LA MADDALENA (2014), by ILA BÊKA and LOUISE LEMOINE (12 mins.)

Directors: Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine
Original Language: Italian
Sub-titles: English
Production: Bêka & Partners, France.

The island of La Maddalena was to have been the venue for the meeting of the G8 summit in July 2009, but on 23 April of that same year, the Italian Prime Minister at that time, Silvio Berlusconi, decided to move the event to the city of L’Aquila, which had just been destroyed by an earthquake. The brand new complex of the island’s former military arsenal, planned by Stefano Boeri to host the event, was slowly abandoned. A judicial inquiry followed, which revealed illegal management practices involving corruption, fraud against the State and environmental pollution. The site, which was supposed to be reclaimed, is still polluted today and is therefore completely closed off. The film is conceived as an introspective journey of the architect Stefano Boeri walking through these abandoned spaces.

1 September | Praça CCB | 21:30

Directors: Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine
Director of Photography: Ila Bêka
Sound: Louise Lemoine
Editing: Ila Bêka, Louise Lemoine
Colourist: Melo Prino, Luca Immesi
Sound mix: Walter Fuji, Lo Studio
Line Producer: Marco Mona
Production Assistant: Héloïse Lalanne Castellano
Original Language: English
Production: Bêka & Partners, France
Co-production: Bjarke Ingels Group, Denmark

Conceived as a personal video diary, The Infinite Happiness is an architectural experience. The film takes us to the heart of one of the contemporary housing developments considered to be a new model of success. Inhabiting the giant “8 House” built by Danish architect Bjarke Ingels in the suburbs of Copenhagen, Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine recount their subjective experience of living inside this experiment of a vertical village, chosen in 2011 as the “world’s best residential building”. Just as in a Lego game, the film builds up a collection of life stories, all interconnected by their personal relationship with the building. The film draws the lines of a human map which enables the viewer to discover the building through an inner and intimate point of view and questions the architecture's ability to create collective happiness, showing the surprising results of this new type of social model of the twenty-first century.

8 September | Praça CCB | 21:30
SELLING DREAMS (2016), by ILA BÊKA and LOUISE LEMOINE (25 mins. + 9 mins.)

Directors: Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine
Director of Photography: Ila Bêka
Sound: Louise Lemoine
Editing: Ila Bêka, Louise Lemoine
Original Language: English
Production: Bêka & Partners, France

The home-sharing platforms have drastically changed Mark's life. From a cosy and normal family life, this young man has entered into the vortex of a rather unusual and adventurous life experience. From now on, Mark will make his living by renting beautiful flats, while himself residing exclusively in hotel rooms, changing address every day.
Unveiling his rare strategies of success, selling tailor-made dreams for guests looking for a “true Scandinavian experience”, Mark pushes the home-sharing system to its extreme. Thanks to this experience, he has found a new form of freedom, combining a high level of material detachment with a maximum of mobility.


Directors: Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine
Director of Photography: Ila Bêka
Sound: Louise Lemoine
Editing: Ila Bêka, Louise Lemoine
Colourist Yov Moor
Sound mix: Walter Fuji, Lo Studio
Production Assistant: Sara Gardella
Original Language: French
Production: Bêka & Partners, France

“Voyage autour de la Lune” is an urban diary, a personal journey which draws the lines of an emotional and psychological map of the city of Bordeaux along its renewed river banks, once called the “Moon Harbour” because of the large curve with which the Garonne river embraces the city.
Through this week-long journey from one side to the other of the river banks, Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine tell us about the identity of a public space which has deeply changed in the collective mind of the city.
In an intimist cinematic language, the film drives us along the huge tumultuous river in its flows and tides, and drifts into the intimate turmoils of all the people met on site during the journey. A rare example of a film in which a city is portrayed through a collection of personal stories.






1 july to 8 september 2017

Olive Tree Garden
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