The Big Blue (1988) Luc Besson


There is a place on our planet, stranger than any other – little known and highly mysterious. It is not very different from outer space, where the notions of space, time and distance evaporate. It is a magical and dangerous place, to which the human body, as well as the mind, has to adapt. It is the only place where a man by the name of Jacques Mayol feels really at home. This place is the sea.

This is the story of two deep sea divers. It begins in the late 1950s when, even in their childhood, Jacques and his friend Enzo Molinari competed for diving records in the Mediterranean. Twenty years later, they are the leading competitors in a freediving championship. This is the portrait of two men whose lives are inextricably bound to the sea, but it is also the story of the love between Jacques and his wife, Johanna, who prefers to stay on land. The Big Blue is a story of love and friendship.


The film will be screened in Blu-ray.

14 august 2020 | 09:30pm
CCB Plaza
130 min.
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