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Ama-San (2016) Cláudia Varejão


A dive, the midday sunlight filtering down through the water. The air in her lungs has to last until she can dislodge the abalone from the rocks at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. With no aid from air tanks or any other equipment to facilitate underwater breathing, the body is forced to function at its very limit. In Wagu, a fishing village in the Ise Peninsula, Matsumi, Mayumi and Masumi dive every day, not knowing what they’ll find. Underwater, their delicate bodies turn into those of sea hunters. Dives like these have been carried out in Japan for over 2000 years by the Ama-San.

The film will be screened in Blu-ray.

21 august 2020 | 09:30pm
CCB Plaza
103 min.
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