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Cinema Murray Grigor


Cinema Murray Grigor

Murray Grigor is a scottish director whose cinematographic production has privileged architecture as central role. Between television series, documentaries and promotional films, his works dialogue with larger names in architecture, from Charles Rennie Mackintosh to John Lautner, to Robert Adams and Frank Lloyd Wright. Taking A Square in Summer as scenario, his movies will bring architecture to CCB screens.

July 13
Infinite Space: the Architecture of John Lautner (2008 / 91 min.)
This documentary portrays the work of the visionary genius John Lautner, in his search for an “architecture that has no beginning and no end”. This is the story of a brilliant and complicated life – and of the most sensual architecture of the twentieth century.

27 July
Sean Connery's Edinburgh (1983 /29 min.)
Who better to promote the extraordinary city of Edinburgh (“which seems to have been built as a film set”) than one of its most famous sons, Sir Sean Connery? This film, sponsored by the City of Edinburgh District Council in 1983, is aimed at the tourist industry and was distributed by the British Tourist Authority.

The Hand of Adam (1975 / 34min.)
Made in order to celebrate the European Architectural Heritage Year (1975), this documentary contains a detailed study of the architectural works of the eighteenth-century Scottish architect, Robert Adam. His designs were mainly inspired by Rome and Ancient Greece, styles that the architect studied for several years in Italy.

August 10
The Archiecture of Frank Lloyd Wright (1983 / 61 min.)
A magnificent and comprehensive look at the life and work of Frank Lloyd Wright, from his years of learning with Louis Sullivan in Chicago to his last days in Taliesin, Wisconsin. The film includes rare sequences in which the architect reflects on his own work and its guiding principles, combining most beautiful photography with an imaginative use of details from that period, in order to show those buildings that continue to arouse great admiration even today.

August 24
Sir John Soane: an English Architect, an American Legacy (2005 / 62 min.)
All great art is in constant dialogue with the past. Architecture is no exception, as this film demonstrates through its research into the legacy of Sir John Soane (1753-1837), an English architect of rare genius, who had a profound influence on a generation of American architects. This film takes a close look at the influence of antiquity on the work of Sir John Soane, accompanying his visit to Rome and Sicily, and the ways in which his minimalist classical style contributed to freeing American architects from the restrictions of Modernism.

In Search for Clarity (1995 / 45 min.)
Charles Gwathmey’s first building was the cube-like home which he built for his parents at Amagansett on Long Island, New York. It’s described in this film by Philip Johnson as breathing new life into Corbusier’s Prism Pure. Gwathmety also designed buildings for Steven Spielberg. The film concludes over the prolonged controversy surrounding Gwathmey’s tower addition to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim.

7 September
Cumbernauld (1977 / 45 min.)
A James Bond-type fiction film about an evil woman's plans to 'hijack' the New Town of Cumbernauld. Sponsored by the Cumbernauld Development Corporation, this film is an original take on the 'promotional' films produced for Scotland's New Towns during the 1970s.

Space and Light Revisited (2009 / 20 min.)
An astonishing film that revisits the building of St. Peter’s Seminary, in Cardross, a modernist masterpiece designed by the architects Gillespie Kidd and Coia, which has lain abandoned for many years.

Turn End: The Architecture of Peter Aldington (2017 / 48 min.)
The film tells the story of the creation of the group of three houses (The Turn, Middle Turn, Turn End) and garden, and how their design reflects the unique features of the old English village, Haddenham village. With an introduction by Architect and Patron of the Turn End Trust, Richard Murphy and interviews with Peter Aldington and Turn End's gardener Jackie Hunt. With contributions by Peter's first clients, Michael and Celia White and Alan Rose of Haddenham Museum Trust.


July 13 to September 7, 2018
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