CCB Silver Corporate Friend

Why be a CCB Silver Corporate Friend?


By becoming a CCB Corporate Friend, you will be able to actively participate in a broad set of activities promoted by the institution, and, at the same time, make an indispensable contribution to the continuity of your projects.
As a Corporate Friend, you will have access to a wide range of exclusive benefits, specially designed to help you promote your business with Culture.

Benefits guaranteed by the CCB during the contract’s period of validity:

• One day’s use of a room at the Conference Centre with capacity for an audience of up to 150 people.

• Offer of 10 double sets of complementary tickets in the stalls for four orchestral concerts (four concerts = 80 tickets). (*)
• Offer of 15 individual (personalised) Friend’s Cards for clients of the Corporate Friend.

• 25% discount on the purchase of CCB Friend’s Cards for the employees of the Corporate Friend or to be offered as gifts to clients.

• Offer of five parking cards at the CCB car parks, valid for one year to be counted from the date when the protocol is signed.

Visibility of the CCB Silver Corporate Friend

• Prominent display of the Corporate Friend’s name and logo on the Corporate Friends’ panel at the CCB Conference Centre.
• Mention of the company’s name at the entrance to Garagem Sul – Architecture Exhibitions.
• Display of the Corporate Friend’s logo on the CCB website, with a link to the company’s website and vice-versa.

• Display of the company’s name and logo in all publications relating to the CCB’s programme of activities on the “Corporate Friends” page.
• Mention of the company’s name on the printed invitation (with at least three Architecture Exhibitions to be held per year and 2,000 invitations printed for each event).
• Provision of Quarterly Programmes to be placed at the Corporate Friend’s business units.

• Placement of all kinds of communication material in the CCB’s different spaces, during the annual “Music Days in Belém” festival.

Membership valid for one year
Cost: 10.000,00 euros + IVA

(*) All tickets must be collected from the CCB ticket offices up to one week before the performance in question, after which they will be placed on sale once more.