CCB Corporate Friend

Why be a CCB Corporate Friend?


By becoming a CCB Corporate Friend, you will be able to actively participate in a broad set of activities promoted by the institution, and, at the same time, make an indispensable contribution to the continuity of your projects.
As a Corporate Friend, you will have access to a wide range of exclusive benefits, specially designed to help you promote your business with Culture.

Benefits guaranteed by the CCB during the contract’s period of validity

• One day’s use of a room at the Conference Centre with capacity for an audience of up to 40 people.

• Offer of five individual (personalised) Friend’s Cards for clients of the Corporate Friend.

• 25% discount on the purchase of CCB Friend’s Cards for the employees of the Corporate Friend or to be offered as gifts to clients.

Visibility of the CCB Corporate Friend
• Display of the Corporate Friend’s logo on the CCB website, with a link to the company’s website and vice-versa.

• Display of the company’s name and logo in all publications relating to the CCB’s programme of activities on the “Corporate Friends” page. 

• Placement of all kinds of communication material in the CCB’s different spaces, during the annual “Music Days in Belém” festival.

Membership valid for one year
Cost: 5.000,00 euros + IVA