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Participation in the CCB cultural project
Privileged access to the arts at the CCB
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Provision of rooms

The Centro Cultural de Belém is managed by a private-law Foundation and public utility, whose mission is to promote culture, developing the creation and dissemination of the arts in all of their specific aspects, from theatre to dance, from classical music to jazz, from opera to cinema. As a complementary activity, the CCB also offers its facilities as a centre for the holding of conferences and other professional meetings.

The Conference Centre was specifically designed to offer privileged services in hosting conferences and meetings of any nature or size, affording clients the possibility of using its high-quality equipment and facilities. This also now includes the general services provided in the normal functioning of the CCB, several shops, a restaurant, two bars and two garages open to the Centre’s users.

The second module, the Performing Arts Centre, is the epicentre for the production and presentation of artistic and cultural events at the CCB. There are three rooms of different sizes, each equipped to host various types of shows and performances, ranging from cinema to opera, from ballet to theatre or any other musical genre. The Main Auditorium seats up to 1429 people, the Small Auditorium seats 348 people and the Rehearsal Room seats 72 people. You will also find here the support rooms used in the production and preparation of performances.

Since June 2007, the Exhibition Centre has housed the Foundation of Modern and Contemporary Art – the Berardo Collection Museum, together with various shops and a cafeteria. Today, the CCB occupies an area of 97,000 square metres, spread over six hectares separated by two internal streets and joined together by a footpath that creates a continuity with the Praça do Império, thereby doing away with the traditional separation between the interior and the exterior of the complex. The centre is like a small city, with gardens, lakes, bridges, ramps, streets, plazas, nooks and crannies, amid which the Praça CCB stands out in particular because of its noble and imposing appearance.

Activities of the CCB
Dance performances
Erudite music
Portuguese music
New circus
Workshops, performances and small exhibitions for schools and families
Dancing with live music
Experimental theatre
Dance workshops 
Conversations with artists
Music festivals
Open-air concerts
Film cycles
Music cycles
Poetry cycles
Book launches