Garagem Sul | Architecture Exhibitions

Garagem Sul | Architecture Exhibitions
Garagem Sul | Architecture Exhibitions
Garagem Sul | Architecture Exhibitions
Garagem Sul | Architecture Exhibitions
Garagem Sul | Architecture Exhibitions

At a time when architecture is recognised as a cornerstone of Portuguese culture, Garagem Sul enhances the Centro Cultural de Belém’s longstanding programme of architectural exhibitions, lectures, debates and publications. Housed in a former parking garage, Garagem Sul’s large space offers a unique atmosphere for the presentation of architectural works and ideas. Since 2012, it has organised a regular programme of temporary exhibitions, either of the work of well-established architects or that explore other fields relevant to understanding architecture as a way of knowing how to transform the world. These exhibitions are mounted in partnership with other Portuguese and international institutions, putting Garagem Sul and Lisbon on the map as part of a global network of venues that present contemporary architecture.

Garagem Sul is currently creating an ambitious programme for upcoming seasons at the Centro Cultural de Belém that enlarges the range of activities previously offered to visitors. Events will range from lectures and conferences that welcome leading figures from the world of contemporary architecture, to exhibition and city tours that help to broaden the meanings of each exhibition within the urban and cultural space of Lisbon, to the programme Uma Praça no Verão (A Plaza in Summer) which commissions ephemeral interventions that reinvent spaces at the Centro Cultural de Belém every summer.

Events at Garagem Sul are designed to encourage a public understanding of architecture as the art of transforming the physical world and the built environment. Instead of merely celebrating architects and the uniqueness of their designs, we wish to acknowledge architecture as a complex undertaking that calls for close links between all the people and disciplines involved, along with a clear understanding of society: from the economic and cultural context to the systems of production and technological skills. Architecture is an art of synthesis that requires broad knowledge and a specific intelligence for dealing with built things and with the processes of their construction. This unique characteristic means that, in most cases, the discourse of architects is a source of knowledge and inspiration for all those interested in better understanding the context in which we live. For this reason, Garagem Sul’s programming is conceived as a bridge linking architectural knowledge with its manipulation and use in contemporary society.

Since 2017 André Tavares is the programmer of the Garagem Sul | Architecture Exhibitions.

The University is now on Air. Broadcasting Modern Architecture. 1975-1980

The Territory of Architecture. Gregotti and Associates. 1957-2017
Building Stories
Paris Haussmann. A Model's relevance.
Drawings of Marques da Silva in the Laloux Atelier. 1890-1896.

Victor Palla and Bento d'Almeida: Architecture from another time
Fernando Guerra: A Photography Practice Under X Ray
Neighbourhood: Where Álvaro meets Aldo

Architecture in Competition. A Critical journey through portuguese modernity
Eduardo Souto de Moura: Continuity
The World in Our Eyes

Landscape as Architecture. Joao Gomes da Silva and Paulo David
Carrilho da Graça: Lisbon

Tanto Mar - Portuguese outside Portugal
Rafael Moneo – Theoretical thinking revealed from the profession. Archive materials (1961-2013)
Carlo Scarpa - Brion’s Tomb. Guido Guidi
Homeland - News from Portugal

ARX – Arquivo ⁄ Archive
Sou Fujimoto. Futurospective Architecture
Africa – Visions of the Colonial Town Planning Office (1944-1974)

The Urban Being – On the trails of Nuno Portas

Habitar Portugal 2003/2005
Gonçalo Byrne – Living Geographies

Aires Mateus: Architecture

Nuno Teotónio Pereira Studio: Architecture and Citizenship

Mies Van der Rohe – Architecture and Design in Stuttgart, Barcelona and Brno

Frank Lloyd Wright – The Living City

Museums for a New Millennium – Concepts, Projects, Buildings

Alvar Aalto in Seven Buildings

Portuguese Architecture in the 20th Century

Portugal: of Sea, Stone and Cities
Artist-Architects: a dialogue between art and architecture
Álvaro Siza – Works and Projects

Lúcio Costa; Ruy Ohtake;
Santiago Calatrava
Luis Barragan
Caressing Houses

Souto de Moura - Projects and Materials 1979-1993
Arquitectura In-Possível - Arquitectos Pioledo

Nuno Mateus / ARX Portugal – Real Reality
Fernando Távora – A Life Long Trail

Institutional Support
Ordem dos Arquitectos
Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade Técnica de Lisboa
Universidade Lusófona / Departamento de Arquitectura

Exhibition Patrons

Garagem Sul - Architecture Exhibition
Access to the public with reduced mobility is made through Av. da índia, south facade of CCB, trough Garage's gate.

From Tuesday to Sunday | Closed on Monday
10:00AM to 6:00PM
Last entrance 5:30PM
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