Tanto Mar – Portuguese Outside Portugal

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Tanto Mar – Portuguese Outside Portugal
Tanto Mar – Portuguese Outside Portugal
Tanto Mar – Portuguese Outside Portugal
Tanto Mar – Portuguese Outside Portugal

21-03-2014 to 20-07-2014

Curatorship ateliermob
The role of architecture in the world is a recurrent theme in the discussions taking place in this field. Essentially, opinions are divided into three main groups: those who consider that the architect’s social role is inherent in the profession itself – since they believe that the idea of social architecture is redundant; those who believe that it should be seen as a specialisation; and those who are able to identify, in the social nature of the intervention, a dynamic that is exterior to the discipline itself (based on the simple creation of space) or that restricts artistic freedom, placing many of these interventions outside the spectrum of architecture.
Thirty-three projects are presented at this exhibition, grouped into five themes that characterise the context of intervention: Emergency, Scarcity, Urban, Informal and Formal.

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June 14 

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Vereador do pelouro dos Direitos Sociais da CML, João Afonso
June 28 

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