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Sou Fujimoto | Futurospective Architecture
Sou Fujimoto | Futurospective Architecture
Sou Fujimoto | Futurospective Architecture
Sou Fujimoto | Futurospective Architecture

10-09-2013 to 17-11-2013

Conference on September 10th at 21h30 in the Main Auditorium|FREE ENTRY

Architecture as Forest –Texts, maquettes, photographs: an exhibition conceived, projected, documented and commented by Sou Fujimoto.
Around 120 maquettes, projects, objects, materials and films on the work of Fujimoto are exhibited to illustrate his vision of space.

Architecture as Forest
I believe that the Architecture of the future will be like a Forest.  In the forest, the leaves, insects, seeds, and on an even larger scale, the tree trunksa truly diverse group of things coexist and is in accord. It is this diversity that attracts me, a richness born from space, between order and chaos.  If an Architecture as Forest is created, it will be a place of complexity, rich in diversity, much more than that which exists in the architecture of today´s cities. Its inhabitants will be an organic part of this diversity. The projects exhibited here are attempts at creating new notions of nature and man-made environments, like a three-dimensional forest, a geometric forest, an urban forest, etc.

Some of these projects were constructed, others merely concepts, and still others are being developed. They vary from small, or even microscopic architectures to colossal buildings and urban infrastructures 700 meters in height.  The Forest is the origin and casts light over the future of Architecture.

Sou Fujimoto
Tuesday to Sunday | Closed Monday
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Conference with Sou Fujimoto
September 10th at 21h30 in the Main Auditorium

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Sou Fujimoto “Futurospective Architecture”
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