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The Bones of Architecture


Germane Krull

The Bones of Architecture
June 18th to September 15th 2019

Curator Mario Rinke
Produced by CCB/Garagem Sul

Beyond all of the many components that form a building’s appearance, the physical preconditions remain most important – that of holding the building together and keeping it standing: as animals have bones, every  building has a structure. Buildings have non-diminishable inner laws whereby the interconnection of its materials and components provide strength and consequently, these laws impose shapes, patterns, orders and constraints. Within architecture, there is a long tradition of thought that the load bearing structure is a biomorphic metaphor, with construction being the anatomy of architecture. Science, new materials and new technologies have been providing extra freedom in the design of buildings. The exhibition ‘The Bones of Architecture’ will examine the cultivation of structures in the service of architecture as developed by diversely different designers who are all active in building practice. These designers – altogether seven European architects and engineers - will show their works and approaches, reflecting upon rules, strategies and methods in the design of structures.

June 18th to september 15th 2019

Garagem Sul
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